Sign Out Gmail Account From Mobile Phone

If You Know How To Sign Out Gmail Account From Mobile Phone?A Gmail account is very important to a person because we use Gmail as a means of communication to exchange different types of documents. And if you don’t have a Gmail account, you can’t use the internet because you think Google is the largest search engine in the world.

Most of the people in the world who use the internet use the Google search engine and it can be said that the internet world has been swallowed up by Google. And if you want to do any search on that Google then you have to verify with a Gmail ID.

But you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of Google. So Gmail ID is very important for us. But many times we have to create several Gmail IDs for any work and log in.

But by adding a new Gmail, you have to remove the old Gmail ID and a lot of the time, which many of us may not be able to do, which is why we have to face various problems. No need to wear this problem.

How To Sign Out Gmail Account  from mobile?

To get rid of Gmail ID, first you have to go to Gmail and after logging in, you will see at the top that there are three dot symbols. After clicking there, there will be many new posts.Sign Out Gmail Account

As soon as you click, you will see the new text and you will see a text called Settings at the bottom After clicking there, a new page will appear and again you will see a dot mark at the top After tossing there you will see a text with the name of your new Gmail ID Click there And see belowSign Out Gmail Account

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There is a text with the name Delete. As soon as you click there,Will be sign Out Gmail Account from your mobile Phone.

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