How To Setup Yoast SEO Plagin For WordPress Website

Do You Know How To Setup Yoast SEO Plagin?If you are using WordPress then this tune of mine is very important for you because I am going to share with you through today’s tune how to set up eust SEO plugin in a proper way on a WordPress website.

Those who use WordPress probably know the benefits of this plugin. But if you can’t setup this plugin properly then you may not be able to get your website ranked in Google so you need to know how to setup this plugin correctly.

How To Setup Yoast SEO Plagin correctly.

To set up this plugin properly, you must first log in to your WordPress dashboard. After doing so, click on the plugin name at the bottom and click Add New Plugin. After doing this, type Yoast Seo in the search box and the plugin will come. Install and activate this plugin.Yoast SEO Plagin SetupAfter doing so, go to the dashboard again and you will see an SEO name text at the bottom. After clicking there, a new option will appear.

1. General

There will be some new posts after doing this. Basically, the main functions of this plugin are here, so don’t skip in any way. Take the steps very carefully later. There will be a text called Title Seperator first and there will be many symbols. You can give whatever you like in it. There is no problem in this, but it is better to select the one that is in default first.Yoast SEO Plagin SetupNow at the bottom there will be a text called Homepage and you will see two texts called SEO Title and Meta Description. When you search the name in Google, the name you give here will show the name and the following Meta Description and so on. Due to which you will write a Seo Title and a Meta Description.

After installing, you will see another setting at the bottom. There you will see two texts named Organization and Person. After selecting any one of them, you will see the text of Organization Logo at the bottom.

2. Content Types

After coming here, first you will see the text named Post, you will turn it on and at the bottom you will just enter the title instead of Seo TitleYoast SEO Plagin Setupthen when you index the post of the site in Google, only the title of your post will be shown in Google and if you want the domain name with the title of the post. You can also add the Site Title

3. Media

If you do not want to start this article, you will not be able to redirect any of your urls due to any problem, so you can start this option.

4. Taxonomies

This setting is very important because a lot depends on the WordPress site through this setting. There is a category first. If you want to submit your site category to Google, you can turn it on and if you don’t want it, you can turn it off.Yoast SEO Plagin SetupAfter that you must turn off this Tag setting. If you are blogging or do news portal site, you must turn off this setting. And then you have to disable this text. After giving, you will also remove the text named Catagory Url below.

5. Archives & Breadcrumbs

If you disable both of these settings, then all the important settings of your Yoast Seo plugin will be set up correctly.

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With this tune, if you can adjust the settings of Yoast Seo Plagin correctly, then share this tune and leave your comments in the comment box.

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