How To Make Money With Facebook Watch

Currently, videos on Facebook have been grouped into a separate place called Facebook Watch. Yes, Facebook Watch is Facebook’s YouTube. What will be found on YouTube, will also be found here. Because the similarities between YouTube and Facebook Watch are both as video-based social media platforms.

The difference is, Facebook Watch is still integrated with the Facebook mobile application and on the Facebook site. Facebook itself wants this social media platform to become its own Social Media Digital marketing ecosystem.

This means that everything in it will not be removed from the Facebook site. Meanwhile, YouTube was separated from the start from Google. Because the Google ecosystem is an internet ecosystem, which releases each application to grow and develop with its own market.

So, can someone make money from Facebook Watch as YouTubers make money from Adsense? The answer is pleasant enough: it can. But before you get excited and immediately make your first video on Facebook Watch, let’s read paragraph by paragraph in this article to the end.

What is Facebook Watch?

Facebook Watch was released on August 10, 2017, and can only be accessed by Facebook users in the United States. Then 19 days later, Facebook Watch was released globally so that Facebook users in Indonesia could update their Facebook application and find a Facebook Watch button in it.

A year on, Facebook Watch continues to grow. According to data submitted by Facebook Watch, they have 75 million daily visitors. The average number of visitors spends more than 20 minutes per day watching videos on Facebook Watch.

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This number, of course, exceeds the number of visitors on YouTube. Because Google’s video-sharing platform only has 1.9 billion monthly visits or 63 million daily visitors. It’s just that, Facebook loses on the duration of watching compared to YouTube. While Facebook Watch users spend only a few minutes, YouTube visitors average 40 minutes of watching videos on the platform.

This is because YouTube has more creators than Facebook Watch. Creators with a large number of subscribers or subscribers are the interest of many YouTube users to continue visiting. The more subscribers, the more views, of course, the more dollars that go to the creator. Regarding monetization, YouTube is still the dream of many people to make money. That’s why Facebook Watch is trying to imitate.

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If on YouTube there is YouTube Studio, then on Facebook Watch there is Creator Content. The function of Content Creator is similar to YouTube Studio, which is to see the statistics of videos that have been uploaded on a managed Page (if it’s a YouTube channel) and the most important thing is to see if you can already install In-Stream ads which were formerly called Ad Breaks.

How to Earn Money from Facebook Watch

In order to be able to install In-Stream ads so that the videos uploaded on the Page can make money, of course, there are conditions. The conditions turned out to be no lighter than those posted on the YouTube Partnership Program (YPP). There are three main conditions that must be met so that videos on the fan page can be installed with In-Stream ads.

For more details on how to earn revenue through in-stream ads on your Facebook videos, consider the following points.

You must have a fan page or page, so it’s not a regular Facebook account.

  1. This fan page already has at least 10,000 followers.
  2. In the last 60 days or two months, you need a total of 600,000 minutes watched on-demand, live, and already live, including replayed minutes, but excluding promoted, crossposted, or paid watch time.
  3. You must have at least five live on-demand videos or already live videos published on your page with an active status and created by you.
  4. The page has complied with the terms and conditions set by Facebook in general.
  5. As for how many dollars will be raised, I don’t know myself. In Indonesia, not many have shared success stories on the Facebook Watch platform.

For those of you who want to know more about this, you can visit the digital agency Jakarta or related places that can answer these questions. That’s all an article on how to make money through Facebook videos. Thank you for visiting, see you soon.

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