How To Lock Facebook Profile Real And Easy Way

Facebook Lock

I have discussed in today’s tune those who could not lock Facebook profile after trying again and again and how to lock Facebook profile very easily. This topic as well as the benefits of locking Facebook and what problems you can get if you do not lock has been discussed in detail, so the tune is very important for you to pay attention to the end.

Facebook profile lock is a very important setting for a Facebook user because you can use Facebook to make friends with different types of people and you can have different types of personal information on your Facebook which can cause problems for anyone without your friends. Very important.

Before showing this setting, you don’t know how to lock your Facebook profile. What are the benefits if you keep your Facebook locked and what are the problems if you don’t lock your Facebook profile. Advantages of

Why Locked Facebook Profile

If you use Facebook, then of course your friend Bandhar family is not friends with them. So to put it simply, you share a variety of documentary images with your family that are not for others or that are very important to you.File But if someone has stolen this file, you can get into a lot of trouble, but when you locked Facebook, no one will be able to access your profile and take any documents.

What is the problem if you do not lock Facebook Facebook account problem So far we have known what is the benefit of locking the profile of Facebook, now we will know what problems we can get if we do not lock the profile. If you don’t lock it, we could lose our Facebook account

Because when you are not locked, everyone will be able to access your profile and find out about your important information which may cause you to lose your Facebook account, so Facebook profile locked is very important.

So far we know what are the benefits of locking a Facebook profile and what are the problems if you do not. Now we will know how to lock a Facebook profile in the right way.

How To Locked Facebook Profile

To lock your Facebook profile, first you need to login to your official lite application on Facebook. If it is not installed, you can install it from Play Store and after logging in, go to Settings. Make friends.Lock Facebook Profile

After giving, go to Timeline And Taging in exactly the same way and after that you will make all your friends. Now go to Help with back again. After clicking on the Three Dot menu at the top, you will see it at the very bottom. After clicking on the text named Center, a search box will appear at the top Click there And Type Profile LockLock Facebook Profile

Search after writing and there will be a lot of writing. Among them there will be How to locked my profile on Facebook. After clicking on the name, there will be some new writing. Click on the blue color of the name Lock Your Profile and you will see that the profile locking settings are coming down.

Lock Facebook ProfileAs soon as you click on the text Lock Your Profile, the Facebook profile will be locked.

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