How to Make Money Launching an Online Course on Udemy

Do you remember two decades when it was difficult to find a teacher when we wanted to learn something new? Whether it is a curriculum, a vocational course, or a hobby we want to pursue, we will ask our friends or family to suggest a semester in our area and if we can not find such a class, failure will help us to let us pursue our dreams, passions or hobbies. Those of us who come from smaller cities will be deprived of resources.

The rise of internet business, with the help of internet growth over the last 20 years, has transformed internet resources. And why not – when we can find great experts around the world at a nominal price and learn from them?

What is Udemi?

Udemy is a platform that brings together teachers and students. It is one of the best online platforms for this purpose as it has many free support and tools for instructors to generate and monetize a course. It also gives advice to the teacher on how to improve their skills, teaching and lesson.

Anyone can create a Udemy lesson on almost any topic they know and share it with millions of students at Udemy currently has approximately 6 million students in 190 countries and offers classes in 100 languages. Udemy’s top 10 coaches have earned more than $ 17 million to date.

Let’s take a quick look at the process of submitting the first lesson. If your lesson is not over yet, go to the next part or wait for my next articles.

Registration: Go to and open a free account. You can create a lesson or learn anything you want, depending on your interests. Registration is easy and Udemy is easy to use.

How to create your own lesson: After registering, click on “Search for lessons” and then “Go to my lessons”. There you will find a page similar to the screenshot below. Just click “Teaching” and then “Create a creation lesson”. Now you are ready to become an instructor!
Create a lesson for Udemy.

Route plan

Once you choose your course topic, Udemy offers thousands of courses similar to yours. Therefore, it is imperative that you stand out from the other trainers and the courses offered on the topic you want to teach.

To do this, it is important to design a specific strategy for communicating with your target audience with course material that they will be interested in for your particular course.

Here are four important tips to keep your content moving:

  • schedule
  • preparation
  • polishing
  • publication

I’ll cover these steps in more detail in my upcoming articles. Now let’s take a look at the basics. Once you complete the steps above, you can enter the Udemy Ring and earn a fair market share as an instructor.

Udemy revenue model

Trainer acquisition: 100% of the turnover goes to the trainer when he has created the lead. To do this, the instructor can create a voucher code and share it with his group. Anyone who uses their code to purchase their course is counted as their leader.

Udemy Organic Traffic: A 50% to 50% revenue-sharing model is implemented if the lead reaches Udemy through organic traffic.

Other: The revenue-sharing model is between 25% and 97% depending on whether the lead in Udemy comes from partners, ads, deals, etc.

Note: As of April 4, 2016, all Udemy courses will cost between $ 20 and $ 50. In addition, they will continue to promote student offers, but discounts are limited to 50%.

Resources for Udemy:

Udemy helps you from the first step in creating your courses to promoting them. There are many free resources available from Udemy to walk you through all the steps to be successful in your class. In my opinion, this is one of the best things about Udemy.

More information about Udemy support is available here. You can also join Udemy Studio on Facebook, where you can get feedback and help with your lesson from thousands of other Udemy instructors.

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