How To Get Rid Of Allergies in a Natural Way

Do You Know How To Get Rid Of Allergies? Although the term allergy is not new to anyone today, it is important for everyone to have an overall idea about it. Because this allergy is responsible for many skin diseases including shortness of breath and eczema. Allergies are usually caused by dust, flower pollen, certain foods and medicines that cause inflammatory reactions in the human body. The word allergy is a combination of two Greek words, ashrang and itmarang, collectively meaning a changed reaction.How To Get Rid Of Allergies in a Natural Way

Name some allergens:

(which cause allergies) * Mite (something that grows on old clothes) * Dog, cat fur, urine and saliva * Flower pollen * House dust * Cotton or jute fiber * Insect spider stings * Damp carpet * Cigarette smoke * Viruses and bacteria * No special food * Hormone injections * Hair follicles * Color * Temperament etc. However, not everyone will be allergic to this

Risks and causes of allergies:

Scientists use a variety of bases to explain the real cause of the abnormal tendency of the body to develop allergic reactions. Hereditary factors, for example, show that children of allergic parents are more likely to develop allergies, and that their tendency to develop allergies is much more pronounced than that of non-allergic parents. Even if no parent has an allergy, there is a 15% risk for the child.

Allergic problems and their symptoms Allergic rhinitis:

Commonly known as hay fever. This type of allergy causes the patient to sneeze in an impossible way, hence the name allergic sneezing. Excessive levels of airborne pollen are the main cause. It can also be caused by dust, dog and cat fur, fungi. When these germs enter the inside of the nose with inhalation, the internal tissues cause a variety of symptoms due to inflammation. The ears, sinuses and throat adjacent to the nose are also affected due to this.


(a)runny nose (b) nasal congestion (c) itchy nose (d) impossible sneezing (e) itchy ears and throat, itching etc. Allergic asthma or asthma: Allergy is one of the various causes of this painful asthma. This respiratory problem causes inflammation of the lungs and its interior. This inflammation narrows the airway in the lungs, making it difficult for air to enter and exit know How To Get Rid Of Allergies.


Colds or dry coughs start at first, b) there is gradual shortness of breath, c) there is a showy sound in the breath d) there is an attempt to stop breathing etc. Allergic conjunctivitis or eye allergies: Like other parts of the body, the eyes also cause allergies. Inflammation occurs due to allergies in the membranes around the eyeball and in the lower part of the eyelids. Such allergies are more common during the change of seasons.


Redness of all eyes especially under the eyelids b) Swelling of the eye hair c) Tingling and watering of the eyes. Allergic Eczema: Atopic dermatitis or eczema when the skin comes in contact with something allergic is very common among allergic diseases. Symptoms: a) The whole body becomes red and swollen and itchy b) The skin of the body becomes dry and rough and severe itching c) Especially in the face and corners of the lips in children, around the eyes in older children,Rash and itching in the folds of the elbows, below the knees and in the middle of the body of the elderly.know How To Get Rid Of Allergies


Hives can occur in both allergic and non-allergic individuals. This reaction occurs on the skin of any part of the body due to any particular food or medicine. Symptoms: a) severe itching b) reddening and swelling of the skin Allergic shock: Some allergic reactions are life threatening, as they affect more than one part of the body at the same time.Such reactions can be caused by hormonal injections or the sting of an insect.


rapid breathing, accompanied by showy sound b) dry throat c) nasal congestion d) decreased blood pressure e) reddening of all skin. Food Allergies Some of the causes of food allergies or food allergies are: * Diarrhea more than once after birth * Food allergies also occur in people whose digestive system is a little late, including taking a variety of antibiotics early in life.Allergies increase if there is inflammation in the stomach for any reason * Also food allergies occur when the bacterial flora of the digestive system is disturbed for any reason. This is why dieting is important during and after diarrhea or any long-term illness. Food allergies usually result in hives, eczema, shortness of breath, stomach upset and vomiting.

Rare allergies:

According to modern medical science, illness has an inseparable relationship with the mind, and therefore allergies can often be due to psychological reasons. Increased tension or mood swings, sneezing or coughing or asthma. In medical terms it is called cholinergic artichoke. It is not uncommon for someone to develop an allergic reaction to a person who has had a bitter experience.

Food guidelines for allergy prevention Bioflavonoids are fennel compounds made naturally from vegetables and fruits that work against allergies. Quercetin is a special chemical of the bioflavonoid group which is found in large quantities in fruit peels and bark. Another name for it is melitin or sofretin, which helps reduce the production of quercetin and inhibits the release of histamine, which in turn eliminates allergies. It also prevents asthma as an antioxidant and reduces inflammation.know How To Get Rid Of Allergies


Onion, Garlic and Apple Peel, Zingoba, Lemon, Broccoli, Green Tea, Cherry Fruit, Red and Black Grape, Blackberry, Green Vegetable, Honey (derived from Eucalyptus and Tea Flower), Bean Fruit etc. Bromelain: Reduces the inflammatory response in the body. However, it is more effective in combination with quercetin. Source: Pineapple


These are one of the tools to prevent diseases in the human body and in nature. Vitamin C is one of the anti-oxidants made in the body and in nature which is rich in both strong anti-allergic and anti-allergic properties. 1000-2000 m 3 times a day. Gr. Taking vitamin C is one of the ways to relieve allergies.know How To Get Rid Of Allergies

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