How To Add Facebook Page in WordPress Website

In order to turn a website into a professional website, that website has to be customized in various ways. After that, the desired website can take a complete look. Whether it is a blogger website or not, WordPress can’t customize it properly, but the website will never be perfect. So if a website is not well made, then we will never get AdSense from Google on that website. Which is why we don’t have to customize the website from any good web developer to create a blog site.

But there are some jobs and some customizations that make WordPress or blogger sites look a lot more professional, one of which is to add Facebook pages. After opening many websites, you can see below the name of the Facebook page which looks very beautiful. But you don’t know how to add this Facebook page to WordPress website or Blogger site? Then I hope you can learn how to add a Facebook page to a WordPress website through today’s tune.

All the rules for adding a Facebook page

To add a Facebook page to the website, copy the link of the page (URL) of the page you want to add to Facebook. And in the next step, open the internet browser and do a Google search (Social Plagin Facebook).

After searching, there will be many new websites. In the meantime, there will be a web site called You will see many new articles on that website. In the article (Facebook Page url), give the link of your Facebook page in the name field.

After giving the link, click on (Get Code) below and after copying an HTML code will come. Now that you’re done, log in to WordPress, then go to the dashboard, scroll down and click on Appearance

After doing so, some new options will come. Click on the text in the name of these (Widgets). Some pages will appear here.


You have to drag and drop the texts to the place where you want to keep them. If you don’t do drugs, it will not work in any way. And if you want to put it at the bottom of the web site, then drop it on the footer.

(Text Box) After dropping and dropping, a new box will appear. There will be an option to give the title first. Write there (Like Our Facrbook Page). I hope you understand or give the title that you like. After giving, click on the text name of the pass (Text) and paste the code that you copied in the box below. And right click on the save below. After cutting and reloading the website page, you will see that the Facebook page has been added to your website.

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