Gp Mb Transfer Real information

Gp Mb Transfer Real information || GP SIM megabyte transfer accurate information

Many people have a lot of problems with transferring megabytes of GP SIM. And after trying hundreds of different tutorials on Facebook, Google and YouTube, you may not be able to transfer megabytes of GP SIM. A few words for those who are very worried about transferring megabytes of GP SIM

Of course, do not wear the articles without paying attention!
It has been a long time since the transfer of megabytes of GP SIM

1. Google
2. YouTube
3. Yihu
4. Bing
5. Facebook
8. Twitter
6. Instagram
6. Link Day

You have spent thousands of megabytes watching Blog Vivo thousands of times on all the above social media.
The answer is yes, but now you may be wondering how he found out again! Brother, I am a traveler like you. Due to which I have been able to understand your mind very easily.

Does GP SIM really have any way to transfer megabytes?

The question may arise in your mind, one thing you can think of at the moment Grameenphone has a right service that people do not know. You tell me? If there was any right way or service for mega transfer of Grameen Phone, then you must know me.

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If you have used YouTube, then all the views you have seen about Grameenphone’s megabyte transfer have come back in the comment box without any bad comments.

I have seen in many blogs and YouTube videos about Grameenphone’s megabyte transfer, how they have shown how to transfer megabytes of GP SIM which is a very fake method below:

Brother, today I will give you a very simple idea on how to transfer megabytes of GP to GP SIM in a very simple way. So don’t skip my video in any way and a small request to everyone before starting the video, if you are a new viewer on my youtube channel, please subscribe.

To transfer megabytes of GP SIM, you have to go to the message option of the mobile
Enter the number of megabytes you want to transfer with a space by typing a small hand igift, put the number of megabytes and then write your name with a space and send it to 5000.
(Shala Butter)

If you send it a thousand times, it will not be sent. Megabytes is a long way off. Messages will never be sent.

Let’s come to the blog post

I have also seen in many blog posts like YouTube that thousands of people are cheating according to the rules shown above. Doing so much cheating with people for little visitors. Which is totally inappropriate. Thousands of successful bloggers or youtubers like bloggers or youtubers like them are abusive.

Megabyte transfer of GP Skito SIM!

If you don’t have the right way to transfer mega of GP SIM and there is a right way to transfer megabytes of GP Skito SIM to a new GP operator. Transfer megabytes of GP Skito SIM can be done by installing GP Skito SIM apps from there. However, only GP Skito to Skito SIM can be done.

What kind of service is Skito SIM again?

Currently, Skito is an internet-enabled SIM for purchasing internet packages. GP megabytes can be purchased at a much lower rate in this SIM. Which is much more affordable than many other SIMs.

All the services of Skito SIM are available through GP Skito apps. However, you will never see YouTube view or any Facebook post about transferring megabytes of GP SIM. Everyone will know when the right method comes.


With today’s blog, I have tried to give you a complete idea about whether a megabyte of GP SIM can be transferred or not. Writing this blog may have hurt many people in the right place who have deceived people by following the above methods. There is nothing to do.


Needless to say, if there is any mistake in today’s blog, you must forgive yourself.


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