How To Get Google index on Website Post

Do You know how to get google index on website And you have a website, then you must want your website to get a lot of recognition Now we all know that Google is one of the most popular search engines in the world today.

More than 80% of the people in the world use the internet and more than 80% of the people who search from the internet use the Google search engine, so Google search to make a website popular. There is no engine option!

How does Google search Engine work?

When you do a Google search for a topic, you get a lot of results, but you get a variety of benefits from them. But if you could not find anything by searching on Google, but you could not solve your problem. So Google shows various results through its search engine so that people can know about them.

Why Show The post on Google website?

Now the thing is you post on your website all the time but no one wears your post so can you be successful? You will never be able to get your website posted on Google search engine.

If Google does your post, then if someone does a Google search on the subject, then your article will come to the fore and will visit your website.I hope you understand why you show your website posts on Google and how much you will benefit if you show your website posts on Google.

How to index website post on google

You must verify the website in Google Search Console before indexing your website’s posts on Google, otherwise they will not be able to index your site’s posts in Google.

When you add the website to Google Search Console।if you post on the site, your post will not be shown on Google immediately, so now if you follow the method that I will show you, then your post will be shown on Google in just 1 minute To index your posts on Google

first connect your mobile or computer data and go to Google and search Google Search Console Click on the text (Search Console by Google – Google Search Console).Google index

Clicking will take you to the Google Search Console website. After you go there, you will connect the website with the Gmail ID that is added to Google Search Console. Click below to see the URL inspection name is written

After clicking, there will be a small cell at the top with the name inspect. Click on it. Click on the post you want to index on Google, give the link to the post and click OK. After doing so, the text of Request index will appear, click there and after a while, the form for filling Google Captcha will appeargoogle index

After filling it, the post of your site will be fully indexed by Google.Now if you do a Google search for your post. If you do, you will get it immediately.

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