How To Fix 404 Error on WordPress Website

All Way To Fix 404 Error Page

How To Fix 404 Error on WordPress Website? A website can be one of the ways of income for your whole life, but if any page or post of that website somehow gets 404 Error Page in search engine.then all the trouble is in vain.So, through today’s tune,I will try to give you a clear idea of ​​why a website has 404 Error pages.and how to solve this problem if the website has this problem.

  • Why Fix 404 Error On WordPress Website 

1. 404 is an unwanted page If a post on a website is indexed on Google,any change in the link of that post can result in that post being 404.

2. After creating a post or page on the website,if you delete that post or page, 404 pages can be original.

3. Changing the permalink may result in post 404 on your website.If you go to your site settings and change the permalink,then all the links on your website will be changed.

As a result,if you click on the link indexed in Google or any other search engine,the search engine will not be able to find a new link which will result in 404 pages.

4. If you change the domain,if you change the domain of your website,then all the pages or posts on your site can be 404 because when you create a post or page,a link is immediately created for that page or post where your site first. Domain names.

So after creating a post or page, we usually index the link of that post in Google.But when you add a new domain to your site, but Google will not find the link that will cause 404.

  • 404 page solution

So far I have discussed with you why there are 404 Error pages on a website. Now I will show you how to solve 404 pages or posts on the website.The problem of 404 error pages of the website can be solved in one of two ways

1. Redirects post links by installing WordPress plugins

2.Deletes a WordPress website page or post from the Google Search Console.

Now let’s come to the first method with Redirect:

Suppose a post of yours is in many rankings but for some reason your post is coming up at 404,now you don’t want to delete that post in any way.Then you can use this method.To redirect a post on a website,first you have to log in to the WordPress site and go to the plugin from the dashboard,then go there,click on Add New,then go to the search box and type Redirect.Fix 404 error on WordPress

After installing,activate.Now you can see a settings name text in the plugin.Finish the setup from there.After completing the setup, you will see a new look and you will see a redirect text at the top.

After clicking there,a form will appear.Now the point is to copy the link you want to redirect. If you can’t find the result by changing the link,then go to Google and copy it from where 404 shows. If it is computer, you will see the link at the top.Fix 404 error on WordPress

One thing to keep in mind here is that when giving a link to the post or page you want to redirect to,copy the next one starting from/after the domain name and put it in the text Source Url and replace the Targeted Url with the current Url of your post.And at the bottom you will see the name Add Redirect is written.As soon as you click There your post or page will be redirected.Now there will be no more 404 pages.

So far I have shown you the first method on how to redirect a post or page from 404.Now I will show you the second method where all the method to Remove 404 Error Your page or post from Google are shown

How to delete 404 pages From Google

To remove a 404 page or post from Google,first you go to Google and search Google Search Console. From there you will go to Google Search Console.After that you will add your website with Gmail ID and you will see a Three Dot menu at the top.
Fix 404 error on WordPress

And you will see below there is a text called Remove,click there After clicking, there will be a red text called New Request Click there.After doing so,a new Page will appear and a box like Url will appear at the bottom!Fix 404 error On WordPress

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How To fix 404 Error On Website?There will be a link to your 404 Error page Request will be sent to Google to remove your 404 page and after a while you will see that Google does not have a page or post with your 404 name And Fix 404 Error On WordPress Website!

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