How To Turn Off Facebook Auto Play Video

Do You Know How To Turn Off Facebook Auto Play Video?Currently, Facebook is one of the most popular social media in the world. Those of us who use Facebook do not know many settings of Facebook due to which we have to go through various problems. One of the various problems of Facebook is the auto plays video of Facebook.

When we usually browse Facebook, we see that all the videos on Facebook are played in front of us. Which is very annoying. It would be a mistake to say that our mobile data for this Facebook auto plays video consumes a lot of data. Which is very harmful for us. And with the introduction of all the necessary and unnecessary videos, a lot of time is wasted.

So now we will see how to stop the auto play of Facebook forever. So if you want to stop the auto plays of Facebook, then you can wear this tune in the end, then you can easily stop the auto play of Facebook.

Rules for turning off Facebook’s Auto Play

To turn off Facebook’s auto plays log in to the official Facebook application, click on the threaded menu at the top, then click Settings at the bottom. Turn Off Facebook Auto Play

Click below to see that there is an article called Media And Conracts. After doing so, you will see a text at the bottom again.There is an option called Auto Play. Click there. After that, there will be a text called Never Autoplay Video Turn Off Facebook Auto PlayAs soon as it is given, the auto play settings of Facebook will be turned off. Now if you play any video on Facebook, it will no longer auto play.

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