Best dangerous Apps For Kids

Do You know What is  dangerous apps for kids ?Are you looking at your child, what is he doing, where is he going? Have you ever noticed that your child has a smart mobile in his hand before he is 18 years old?With the advancement of technology in today’s world, people’s thoughts and ideas are changing and everything is within the reach of human beings, as a result of which people have become much more extremist and at a very young age people are becoming addicted to various drugs. One of the reasons is technology.

Because technology is in the hands of people, the result is that people are becoming addicted by abusing some means of communication and their future is being ruined.Now I will talk about some mobile applications that young people are facing death using mobile applications.

Dangerous apps for kids

1. kik:

  is a messaging application. Through this application, messaging can be exchanged in private and at a fast pace, due to which young people in particular are abusing this mobile application and becoming addicted day by day.

2. Tiktok:

is a popular social media platform that is gaining popularity by creating and uploading various types of videos here. But it’s a very deadly platform for teens because teens are preoccupied with making tick videos instead of doing what they’re supposed to do and they become addicted to tickets, ruining their future.

3. Pubg Game:

This is an online video game. This game is very dangerous Apps For Kids. This is an online based game. Everything is done in such a way that children go crazy and want to play this game again and again. And the kids are so attracted to the game that if they lose the game, they think, “I don’t want to live this life anymore. I lost the game.” Even many children in the world have committed suicide by playing this game which is why this game is the world
Some countries have banned so every parent should be aware of their child.

4. Free Fire Game:

This is an online game like Pubji coded inside this game in a way that is truly unimaginable. Because through this game, boys and girls can play with one friend by betting with another friend and because of this bet they lose a lot of money. And there are some features of this game that you have to pay to use. And because of the systems, especially children are addicted to this game and their addiction to this game in the future life has a lot of adverse effects.

5. Snapchat:

This application is a messaging and video sharing application. With this application, boys and girls get addicted a lot and send different types of messages to their friends in a very simple way which makes children addicted to this app.

6. Group Me:

  This is a popular mobile application for grouping. It allows your children to waste their precious time talking on video calls with various friends and girlfriends which has a negative effect on your child.

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Note:  After wearing this tune, you will alert your children, brothers and sisters and relatives who use this application. They should not be able to use these applications in any way. Remember it is morally responsible.

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