How To Create Google Adsense Account

As a blogger, you may have heard of Google AdSense which is widely known as one of the best contextual advertising programs out there. In this article, I will show you how to create an AdSense account for your website.

There are many alternatives to AdSense, but whatever network you try, you will probably find Adsense as the best. However, if you have marketing skills affiliate marketing should be a problem as well. My article on Affiliate vs AdSense gives you my personal visibility on both networks.

When I first started blogging, “AdSense” was a foreign word to me. When I first signed up for AdSense, I needed a lot of help from my friends and still wasn’t sure I was doing it right.

For beginners who are not familiar with AdSense, this is a publisher adware program launched by Google (see wiki details). This will display pop-up ads on your blog and get paid when a user clicks on those ads. In this blog post, I offer an important guide for beginners who don’t know how to apply to the AdSense program.

Before you can sign up for AdSense, you must meet a number of requirements:

First of all, naturally, you need a website. You must also be over the age of 18, otherwise, you must submit an application on behalf of the parent or legal guardian who granted you permission to do so.

Sign up for AdSense

  • Add AdSense ads to your blog
  • Please wait while your account is verified and accepted or rejected
  • While the process of approving a new AdSense account takes a long time, it ultimately helps maintain the quality of AdSense for all users.

It’s also important to make sure your blog or website follows AdSense guidelines before signing up. Step by step instructions for creating an AdSense account:

First, visit the AdSense login page. You will see an option to create a new Google Account or you can use your existing Google Account.

Create an AdSense Gmail account

Note: If you have a custom domain name and are using Google Apps as your domain email address, we recommend that you use it to sign up for your AdSense account. Using domain email addresses ([email protected]) will triple the chances of your AdSense request being approved.

Otherwise, you can use your existing Gmail address.

Location details:

Create an AdSense account for the site
This form is simple. All you need to do is enter your website address and select the language for the content. Use your blog address for the website URL and be sure to add it without “HTTP: //”.

AdSense contact details:

This is the most important part. I remember making mistakes in this part when recording. Hopefully, you won’t make the same mistakes if you follow this guide.

The “name of the beneficiary” is very important. Make sure you use the same name you have a bank account under, as AdSense will send checks or wire transfers to you under that name. If you make a mistake here, many countries including India will have a hard time changing the beneficiary name in your account.

Below is a list of countries that are not allowed to change the beneficiary name after registration. So make sure the name of your bank account and the name of the beneficiary match exactly. Then add your details and fill in the other details.

Adsense guidelines

Read the AdSense policy and check all three boxes. Once completed, click on “Submit” and on the next page to view your data. Make sure all details are correct and up to date!

You can use your current email address to register, or you can create a new Gmail ID just for AdSense. For quick approval, I recommend using ZohoMail and creating a free domain email address.

In my case, I was rejected four times when I tried to sign in with a generic Gmail address. However, when I later submitted a domain email address, I got AdSense approval right away.

Submit Adsense tax information

Now that you have signed up for AdSense, you need to add AdSense codes to your blog. The AdSense team will re-verify your application after adding the codes and your account will be activated using an Adsense PIN sent to you.

All this takes about 1 to 2 months depending on your geographic location. Once you have everything set up, there are two other steps you need to follow to get paid by AdSense:

AdSense PIN:

You will receive an AdSense PIN in an email once you reach the $ 10 threshold. You must add the PIN to your AdSense account. You will receive payment once your AdSense account reaches the $ 100 threshold. This guide explains how to enable direct bank deposits for your AdSense account.

For Indian website owners see:

Enable direct money transfer for AdSense payments in India. Hope you can use this guide to create an AdSense account successfully. Watch these videos because they contain many questions you may have before or after creating your AdSense account.

If you don’t have a blog yet, you can review my previous tutorial on how to install a WordPress blog and find the best WordPress themes for AdSense. Do you have questions about creating an AdSense account? Feel free to ask me through the comments! Be sure to share this tutorial with others on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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