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Dear reader,

Today I will discuss with you three popular websites for buying domain and hosting server.

In today’s world of technology, web sites or blog sites are playing the least important role in information and technology. And now millions of websites are being created every day, people are constantly expressing their language in their own web site through that site.
And after that block site others are also being encouraged and benefited. Today I will discuss with you about the website to buy domain and hosting. Before discussing, let’s talk about block sites.

Talking about block sites, I have to discuss how many types of block sites?

There are usually two types of block sites.
1, paid site
2, free site

Now let’s talk about paid sites. If you want to build a paid site you will need a domain and a hosting
Now you may be wondering what is a domain again?

  • What Is Domain Name ?

Domain is the name of a website, more simply if I tell you, domain is the nickname of a website. The name by which you search for a website on Google and the search results are basically domains.

Now let’s talk about hosting

  • What is Hosting Server?

Hosting is the memory card of a web site or the memory card of a web server where the information of a web site is stored.

Dear reader, I have been talking to you about domain and hosting for so long.

Now I will discuss with you about three popular web sites for buying domain and hosting.

*The first is the name of the website that I will introduce you to*

No 1:

This is a popular website for buying domains and hosting, millions of visitors visit this website regularly to buy domains and hosting, this web site provides many accurate services.

*Now I will discuss with you about the second website*

No2 :

This website provides many services for buying a domain and is one of the few websites to purchase a domain and hosting.

*Now I will introduce you to another popular website through which you can undoubtedly buy any domain name of the website*

No 3:

Much like this website and other web sites, this website sells domains and hosting servers at much lower prices.

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Dear readers,

I have tried to present to you the names of three popular websites for purchasing domains and hosting, and also I have discussed with you what are domains and hosting servers? If you can learn something later from these writings of mine!
Then leave your comments in the comment box !

 *thank you*

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