Top 10 Tech Company In The World

Not so long ago, you expected to find the top 10 most expensive tech companies in the world in the US. You can find them all side by side in Silicon Valley, an area of ​​50 square miles in California. But those days are over.

Over the years, the number of top 10 tech companies in the San Francisco Bay Area has steadily declined. Companies based in Asia are increasingly reaching the top ten. In 2020, four eastern companies made the cut. They are the top 10 tech companies in the world in terms of market value.

Nvidia Corp. (Index: NVDA)

Market value: $ 310 billion

Nvidia is the only new name in the top 10 most valuable technology stocks in the world. A year ago, Intel Corp. (INTC) Round down a number. Number 10 on the list but has since been skipped by the giant wizard Nvidia.

Known for its powerful GPUs that support artificial intelligence and modern games, Nvidia has seen incredible growth rates. Annual revenue for the fourth quarter rose 50% to $ 3.87 billion.

The company is now the most valuable chip maker in the United States and has just acquired an arm designing smartphone chips for record sales of $ 40 billion in cash and stock.

It’s a smart move to take advantage of NVDA’s high share price – shares rose over 100% from the start of the year through mid-September – to fund $ 21.5 billion in the deal.

Samsung Electronics (SSNLF)

Market value: $ 339 billion

Samsung Electronics, based in South Korea, has also seen tremendous growth over the past decade and has become Apple’s toughest opponent (AAPL) in the smartphone business to date.

The popular Galaxy line of smartphones and tablets is a hit with consumers. As of 2018, the company filed a seven-year lawsuit with Apple over smartphone patents.

Samsung is heavily traded on Asian and European exchanges valued at over $ 300 billion. The company operates company-wide and also sells televisions, laptops, security systems, and hardware. Expect Samsung to be at the forefront of foldable devices and 5G-enabled mobile technology.

Taiwan Semiconductor Industry Corporation (TSM)

Market value: $ 393 billion

TSM included Cisco Systems (CSCO) in the top 10 technology companies last year and jumped into another niche in 2020. What the company does is in the name. TSM is known as a semiconductor foundry – a company that adopts designs from and develops technology for other chip manufacturers.

This often results in a win-win scenario because the machines required to make high-quality integrated circuits, transistors, and semiconductors are large, complex, and expensive.

The fact that TSM has been so good and widespread since the late 1980s has earned customers like Apple – and ultimately a spot on this list. Despite the outbreak, TSM’s revenue grew nearly 29% year over year in the second quarter, while net income rose 81%.

Tencent Holdings (TCEHY)

Market value: $ 650 billion

Tencent quickly established itself as a major player in Asia’s technological renaissance. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time it was listed on a major US exchange, despite the fact that it is traded on an OTC exchange.

Technically, Tencent is a sprawling Chinese holding company, but it’s basically a tech dynamo with companies thriving in games, communications, social media, music, e-commerce, and online video. WeChat, Tencent’s messaging, social media, and payments platform, has more than a billion daily active users.

The company’s Tencent Games division is already the world’s largest games company with games like League of Legends, Arena of Valor, and Fortnite, as well as hundreds of other popular franchises.

Revenue growth of 28% year over year in the second quarter. President Donald Trump has banned the United States. Transactions executed through WeChat, an executive order that is being challenged in court – which barely had a negative impact on Tencent’s rating.

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