How To Create Sitemap On WordPress Website

Do You know what is sitemap on WordPress website Before adding a sitemap, you need to know what the sitemap is and why you should use this sitemap and what are the benefits of using it? So let’s find out what is the sitemap?

Sitemap On Website:

Simply put, a sitemap is a map of a WordPress website. For example, suppose you go to an unknown place, you don’t know anything about it, but if you open Google Map, you can easily find the road to that place. Sitemap on website and so on because when you add a sitemap to a WordPress website

the sitemap will inform Google that when you have made a post, Google will quickly index your post Hopefully you understand what a sitemap is on a website and why adding a sitemap is important.Now we will discuss how to add a sitemap on WordPress website.

To add a sitemap on website, you must add your website to Google Search Console, otherwise you will never be able to add a sitemapbon website.

One more thing to say before adding a sitemap is that if you use the Youst Seo Plagin on your website, a setting will automatically index your website in Google.

Now we will see how to add a sitemap on website manually. So to add a sitemap manually, first you have to go to Google and search Google Search Console and there will be many pages among them.

As soon as you click, a new page will appear. Here you will see an article called inter sitemap url. Type this article (Sitemap_index.xml) Type and click on the submit name at the bottom.sitemap on websiteSitemap will be added to your website as soon as you do. And at the bottom you can see a text called Success.

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Now if you make a post on your website, the sitemap on website will inform Google that a post has been made and Google will immediately show your post to Google so that a lot of visitors will start coming to your site.

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