10 Mobile Games with the Highest Download Rate in January 2021

On the list, Join Clash 3D from Supersonic Studios is at number one with 27 million installations. This is an increase of more than 3,300 times compared to January 2020.

“The countries that recorded the most downloads for Join Clash 3D during this period were India at 38.3% and Indonesia at 6.4%,” said Craig Chapple, Sensor Tower’s EMEA Mobile Insights analyst.

Second, InnerSloth’s Among Us achieved 26 million installations, an increase of over 20 times from January 2020. Meanwhile, Say Games’ DOP 2 mobile project, Say Games’ Sushi Roll 3D, and Bubblegum Games’ took the third, fourth, and fifth places in the list.

January 2021 will be the first month since August 2020 that Benna is not ranked # 1 in the mobile game downloads ranking. Although downloads among Us have dropped from their peak of around 83 million in September 2020, they are still very popular, and as of January 31, 2021, they have collectively achieved 322.5 million downloads from the App Store and Google Play.

Complete List

  1. Join Clash 3D
  2. Among Us
  3. DOP 2
  4. Sushi Roll 3D
  5. Project Makeover
  6. Roof Rails
  7. DIY Phone Case
  8. Oh God
  9. Hit Master 3D

Complete List on the App Store

  1. Project Makeover
  2. Among Us
  3. CoD Mobile
  4. PUBG Mobile
  5. Roof Rails
  6. Homescapes
  7. Roblox
  8. Oh God
  9. Shortcut Run
  10. Subway Surfers

Complete List on Google Play

  1. Join Clash 3D
  2. DOP 2
  3. DIY Phone Case
  4. Sushi Roll 3D
  5. Among Us
  6. Hit Master 3D
  7. Roof Rails
  8. Oh God
  9. Candy Crush Saga
  10. Red Imposter

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