Learn a few home remedies to prevent Covid 19 attacks

You Know What is home remedies to prevent Covid 19 attacks? About four months have passed since the outbreak of corona worldwide. Of all the diseases that have come to the world so farCovid 19 attacksthe most contagious or contagious is this Covid 19 attacks.Although modern medical science has not yet been able to find any antidote or cure for this coronavirus. the progress that has been made so far is no less significant against this completely unknown and frequently mutated virus.


So far, clinical trials of six vaccines and five drugs are underway in different countries. In addition, conventional drugs for two dozen other diseases are also being tested in clinical trials. We, the people of the world, are now praying fervently for the discovery of at least one vaccine and medicine.

As long as antidotes and medicines are not available, people will have to abide by the coronary hygiene rules with complete devotion. Such a discount cannot be given. Must stay home in compliance with lockdown. If there is an urgent need, you can go ut for a short period of time keeping in mind the social distance. You have to come back and wash the outer clothes.


Glasses, watches, mobiles, wallets, vanity bags, belts, etc. should be removed with hand sanitizer. Outdoor shoes cannot be brought into the house. Lately, many people are suffering from corona without any symptoms. If they go out and spit and spit, and many have a bad habit of spitting here and there, they will spread a huge amount of coronavirus. like sneezing and coughing. It is safe to stay at home.


According to the rules of the seasons, our country will get hotter in the coming days. the sun will increase and it will rain frequently. We have said many times before that this is likely to reduce the severity of the virus. The same is true of other viruses. More recently, other scientists, including Homeland Security in the United States. say the coronavirus dies when exposed to high humidity, temperatures above 56 degrees Celsius, or exposure to a few ultraviolet rays in the sun.

This is good news for tropical countries like ours. But if people do not stay at home and go out and do not accept the social distance, then there will be no benefit.Covid 19 attacks


The most effective drug in the treatment of bird flu and swine flu is aceltamivir. discovered by Hoffmann La Roche, a Swiss pharmaceutical company, from the spice Star Ennis used in biryani. It’s not too long ago. This spice has a name that makes it look like a star and it smells very nice.

Because of the similarities between the bird flu virus and the current coronavirus. this auxeltamivir has been used in China and other countries to treat this year’s coronavirus, along with other drugs. and has been found to be beneficial. So in this time of crisis, if we start eating this spice, the main source of medicine

a few times a day like tea, then there is nothing wrong with it.


When making this tea, some other ingredients such as ginger, bay leaves, cloves, cinnamon and cardamom. can be eaten several times a day after boiling well. All of these are scientifically recognized to work in colds, sore throats, sore throats and inflammation.

Tea leaves should also be given with it, as the caffeine. theobromine and theophylline in it act as some bronchodilators. meaning that they narrow the small airways of the lungs and make breathing easier. This extract or panchan or tea — whatever you call it, must be eaten hot. Because hot water also has some of these bronchodilator properties. If you have a cough, you can eat it mixed with honey.


It should reduce the feeling of sore throat. However, if you have diabetes, honey cannot be used! Mixing lemon juice with it will enhance the taste as well as provide vitamin C, which is recommended in the corona prevention diet at this time. If any of the mentioned things are not in the house. these five can be made with other ingredients by excluding them. But it is better to have all the things.

One more thing can be added in case of cold or sore throat. That is less than half a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Turmeric contains curcumin, which is like a natural antibiotic. In our folk medicine tradition, turmeric is very useful for this kind of cold problem.


However, it should be kept in mind that in the current difficult times. these nature-based treatments are by no means an alternative to modern! or allopathic treatments. It is absolutely a home remedy, which we can use regularly to get some benefits. But if you feel that the symptoms are not decreasing or increasing – you must consult a doctor.

If the cold and runny nose are closed, hot sneezing on the swollen area at the base of the throat and nose. and taking hot water vapor or steam several times a day can work. It is best to gargle with hot salt and water several times a day. It is said to reduce sore throat, swelling and itching. However, never eat anything cold. Not even cold water. Do not drink light hot water for as long as you have.

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In case of cold, runny nose, runny nose, etc. if hot steam is inhaled through the nose and mouth for five minutes. that is, breathing is quite comfortable — this is also naturopathy. To get hot steam, water should be boiled in a pot. When the water starts to boil, if you remove the lid a little. the white steam that will come out through the hollow part should be pulled through the nose and mouth. from a little distance (so that the nose and mouth do not get more heat than the tolerable level).

A number of scientists, including the World Health Organization. have started new discussions. and research on the treatment of this hot steam in the wake of the Covid 19 attacks scourge around the world. They say that if you inhale hot steam a few times every five minutes for an hour. there may be no corona in the nostrils and sinuses. If so, that’s great news.


But no matter how much medicine I take or no matter!how much naturopathy I take, staying at home means never leaving the house at all. If you want to live, you have to stay at home. Because of not being at home, that is, not following the social distance. Covid 19 attacks is constantly increasing in our country.

Let’s all stay at home. For a while, I stayed away from Corona by myself. And we all try not to feel cold at all. If necessary, I use home remedies along with other treatments. This is the ultimate dangerous time for cough and asthma patients and smokers. It is more important to stay at home

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